Business scalability depends upon exact visualization of field operations. It is nothing but the territories and the area covered by your field employee in order to reach-out & offer better services to your end customers.

Knowing field employee with real-time location tracking at the right time will be again a complicated task. Real-time update feature of “Track-it-on” keep you update every single minute the exact location, route travelled, distance travelled, Smart phone battery consumption etc.

Key Features
Know real-time location updates of your field employee on “Track-it-on”. Each and every location recorded and stores along with time stamp. Location data shall be presented with Area name, street name, city, pin code etc. This data shall be again viewed with all field employee at a glance or for single employee.
Distance Travelled
It is now easy to view a report indicating locations with addresses and exact distance travelled by your field employee on daily basis. The monthly travelled report shows day-wise distance travelled along with total month travelled distance in Kilo Mtrs.
Add Visits & Outcome update

Recording planned visits with clear purpose and visit time by the field employee and viewing this data by you becomes a transparent sense of business activity. “Check-In” at the place of client visit, then at the end of visit fill-in out-come data easily along with next plan of action brings more sense of productive work.

Knowing visit done, skipped or in a meeting with client shall be viewed by you real-time.


While starting the work a field employee will touch on “Punched-in” in order to mark the attendance. A report having Punched-in date & time along with the exact Geo location address captured and you can view.

You can view monthly attendance report and export to Excel / pdf and send it to HR Department for Salary processing.

Expense Claim

Noting of expenses and again raising claims will be some what hectic job for field employee. “Track-it-on” easy expense claim feature helps field employee immediate or as per their convenience raise claims and submit photo images of bills.

You can view the claim bills with distance travelled by the field employee with geo location report and reduce fake claims.

Pin-up Customer / visit locations

Add new customer with their type along with tagging geo location and places where field employee visits indicate field employee where he is now.

Similarly, you will know real-time place of your employee.